About Us

Hello! We are Sandy and David, and we are the creators of AbeeBerry. As first-time parents to an energetic, curious, and giggly toddler, creating a safe haven for her is always top of mind. AbeeBerry was born through our growing concern and desire to leave the planet better than we found it. We began to feel passionate about needing to take steps to provide our little one and her friends with the inspiration to be change makers...and that starts with us...THE PARENTS!

Our goal is to slow the fast fashion industry by ensuring that clothes are given second or even third chances at new adventures. We believe that reusing, recycling, upcycling and shopping sustainably are key for the future of our tykes. We also strive to break the barriers of gendered clothing for kids by choosing classically-cut styles and tones. AbeeBerry’s focus is to re-love clothing that is in great condition so that our future upstanders can concentrate on doing what they do best...explore, create and have fun! 

We feel that our daughter is her most curious when she can be as free as possible in comfortable, functional clothing. Brownie batter, paint, and getting into mama’s make up bag all lead to big messes which she shouldn’t have to worry about! In addition to being a WIN-WIN for both little humans and the planet, shopping pre-loved means that it’s a big win for our wallets as well. If you’re a cost-conscious parent...we’re here for you!  If you’re a planet-loving parent...we’re here for you! If you fight for equal opportunities and inclusivity...guess what? We’re here for you too!

Long live pre-loved and re-loved!