Be A Changemaker

Shop Sustainably!

Why does shopping pre-loved matter? The answer is simple. AbeeBerry believes that shopping pre-loved means that we are keeping clothing from going to the landfill earlier than it needs to...or maybe at all! Shopping sustainably is an important part of preserving the life span of textiles and fabrics which in turn protects our earth...our home, for the next generation of children. Giving clothing an opportunity for a second adventure is key to slowing down the fast fashion industry - a major contributor to the earth’s climate change crisis. Join us in being a part of the movement!

Spread The Word!

Now that you can feel good about doing your part, let others know what you’re up to! Tell your friends, family and colleagues what a great thing you’re doing.  Encourage others to participate in the growing trend of shopping pre-loved. Follow us on social media on Instagram @abeeberry or on Facebook @abeeberryshop to learn more about our values and sustainability practices.

Wear it Loud and Proud!

AbeeBerry believes that shopping pre-loved is the only way forward.  We are the new way of shopping sustainably for kids.  Be proud of your decision to shop with us, and know that you’ve made a difference not just for your children, but for their friends too. We are happy to be a part of erasing any taboo or stigma associated with shopping pre-loved...and you should be too!  You’re now a role model to those around you, so be loud, be proud and RE-LOVE!